Other media work

Newspapers & magazines

Haliza has written for several Malaysian publications including Unreserved, Going Places, Jelita, Malay Mail and the then Sunday Mail. She also contributes to the New Straits Times.

In the UK, her articles have been published in The Guardian and OK! magazine.

Commercial media

Haliza has directed and produced corporate videos, and edited several travel brochures & newsletters for a number of UK companies.

She has provided voice-overs for the BBC Radio 2 dramatisation 'A Town Like Alice', and Routledge's Malay Language course.

Her media work also extends to giving talks and conducting media workshops for students and young journalists.

In 2007, Haliza co-authored a coffee table book with award-winning photographer Steven Lee, called 'MALAYSIANS' - sold both in Malaysia and the UK.

Current project

Haliza is working on producing short documentaries and writing a book on ‘the art of storytelling’.


Haliza Hashim
Haliza Hashim
Haliza Hashim

MALAYSIANS book launch in Kuala Lumpur

Haliza Hashim

Being interviewed about the MALAYSIANS book

Haliza Hashim

Promoting the book on the TV3 morning talk show 'Malaysia Hari Ini'